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We Never Quit

Co50 Clinics

Caregivers over 50 (Co50) Clinics are a tool to empower older adults caring for children and youth to get the legal information and resources their family needs!

Caregivers over 50 (Co50) Clinics are a tool to empower older adults caring for children and youth to get the legal information and resources their family needs!

The Children’s Law Center specializes in addressing the wraparound needs of nonparent caregivers and the children in their homes. Co50 Clinics bring that support to older adult caregivers through legal information and resources designed just for them!

With the support of the NextFifty Initiative and in partnership with community leaders, the Co50 clinics will be held monthly to support families in Pueblo County and Huerfano County to support caregivers in understanding their legal needs and accessing supports for their families.

We work on a very simple premise...

Every Child Matters


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We champion the best interest of kids through our diverse programs. Focusing on many challenges facing children in crisis from preventing trauma to intervening in education and representing caregivers, our programs are all about the best interest of kids.


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Partner with us

We collaborate to build stronger communities by partnering with local courts and organizations who have similar missions. Our partnerships have been carefully cultivated and give us the ability to work with, or refer our clients to trusted, beneficial services to support their healing and growth.


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We advocate for systemic change by building relationships with legislators and pushing for kids rights in policy decisions. Advocating for kids rights is essential to our efforts. Being a part of changing the system means more and more kids have the possibility of brighter futures.


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The Children’s Law Center is helping Voices for Children to train CASA volunteers to be educational advocates for abused and neglected children. They have helped CASAs to advocate on behalf of youth in truancy court experiencing school pushout. Thanks to them, the kids we serve stand a better chance at getting the education they deserve.

Nia Wassink, Executive Director Voices For Children CASA

Non-Profit of the Year Award

This award recognizes a non-profit that has made a significant contribution to the overall health and livability of Denver. Read more about the award:

36 Years

In The Making

We are proud and honored to let you know that we have been an organization for over three decades. Our experience and wisdom gives us the ability to make the difference we want to make.

And We're Not Stopping!

25,000 Kids


We have seen more than 20,000 children come through our organization that we have been able to help, protect and prepare. This is the heart behind why we do what we do! 

We Never Quit!

When our daughter passed away leaving three children behind, the Children’s Law Center came to our rescue. They provided endless support, guidance and legal expertise. Gloria was our lifesaver and we are eternally grateful.

Marti, CAP client

What Makes Us Different?


We are passionate legal professionals and social workers with expertise in child advocacy.


We understand, recognize and nurture programs to effectively respond to the effects of trauma in children. 



Our legal and clinical work are woven together as we jointly pursue the best interest of kids.


We will never quit when it comes to the best interest of kids. We fight for every one of our clients, every time.


We have a strong reputation in the legal community that is coupled with caring, personal relationships with our clients.


We have over 3 decades of experience and wisdom to offer to our clients and the community.


We can’t do it alone. We cultivate relationships with other organizations to find the best solutions for our clients.


Every kid is different and every case is different. Our team consistently delivers creative solutions to real problems.

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