Our Mission

We advocate for children and youth, drive systemic reform, and boldly challenge the status quo so that every young person who has experienced trauma or instability has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Vision

A world that values childhood and provides a bridge to adulthood that supports every young person’s journey.

Our Commitment

At the Children’s Law Center, we embrace diverse identities and yet know that honoring equity and inclusivity requires an ongoing commitment to action. We will deepen our awareness, continue our learning, reflect on the impact of our policies and practices, and infuse these values in our organization’s framework.  

  1. We commit to providing a safe, affirming and compassionate space for our clients, staff, volunteers and community.   
  2. We challenge the inequities rooted within the systems in which we operate, so that all individuals in our community have what they need to thrive.
  3. We believe in centering people and communities with lived experience in our work. We seek to listen first, creating intentional opportunities to amplify the voices and perspectives of the children, youth and families that we serve. 

Our Beliefs

At The Children’s Law Center, we believe:

  1.  Every child deserves a safe and stable home with caregivers who meet their needs.
  2.  Supportive relationships with caring adults are essential to the well-being of youth.
  3.  Every young person who has experienced trauma should have access to the opportunities and supports they need to heal, imagine, and reach their highest potential.
  4.  When systems aren’t working for children and families, we should fight for change.
  5.  Amplifying the voices of young people is critical to the work we do.
  6.  Our power to advocate for children and families and improve systems stems from our community – our staff, our clients, our partners, and our funders. We are stronger together.


Young people have so many needs across the spectrum of their childhoods, so we’ve designed diverse programs to meet those needs. We recognize that our advocacy has the potential to change the trajectory of their lives. Whether a child is struggling in the classroom or a youth is facing obstacles as they transition to adulthood, we are committed to advocating for and with them, case by case.


We are tackling complex social issues impacting families: poverty, systemic racism, homelessness, family violence, to name just a few. It will take all of us to bring the kind of change we want to see. When we come together to help young people reach their full potential, our communities will also be able to reach their full potential.


When it comes to young people, the status quo isn’t good enough. By working to change policies and improve practices, we ensure that our communities better support children, youth, and families to  come.

Meet Our Team

Learn about the people who make it happen

Our staff is full of thoughtful, experienced, and committed individuals who show up every day to advocate for young people and their families, to challenge systems, and to strive to make our communities better. We are supported by a Board of Directors and an Associate Board who share our values and are passionate about our advocacy.

RMCLC has been a great partner in courtroom 170. They have made the process for the court as well as victims figuring out what is best for the children go smoothly. Victims’ tend to feel comfortable with the GALS. They also feel better with the help of RMCLC when temporary orders are placed and are agreed because they have a plan until a district court puts in orders.

Mireya with Project Safeguard