Caregiver Advocacy Program

About The Program

Thousands of abused and neglected children in Colorado are living with foster parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and non-relative caregivers because their parents and unable or unwilling to provide them with a safe home. Often the best way to help these kids is to assist their caregivers in getting the information, resources, and court orders needed to serve the children they have generously taken into their care.

Navigating the court system is often necessary to promote security and stability in a kid’s life and remove obstacles to necessary health care and educational services. In addition, it is sometimes necessary for a court to help kids by defining the relationships they have with the adults in their lives.

When kids have consistent attachments to caring adults, they do better in school, form healthier relationships and have fewer negative developmental outcomes.

How We Can Help

The Caregiver Advocacy Program provides both legal and clinical staff to help caregivers consider all options for protecting the children in their care. That often includes:

  • getting a power of attorney
  • being appointed guardian
  • seeking a court-ordered allocation of parental responsibilities
  • finalizing an adoption

In addition to direct representation by an attorney, the Children’s Law Center also offers:

  • legal information
  • case-specific consultations
  • assistance with self-representation
  • and referrals to other resources

All services are provided on a sliding scale basis. The Caregiver Advocacy Program also provides training to community groups and practitioners about child-centered legal advocacy for caregivers. Loving, stable caregivers are an essential part of creating brighter future for kids.