Dandelion Project

Therapeutic Garden (Coming in 2017)

About This Program

The Dandelion Project is a therapeutic gardening opportunity to promote healing and health for children and youth who have experienced abuse, neglect or other traumatic experiences. In addition to working with trained mental health professionals and volunteers in a non-traditional therapeutic setting, children and youth have the opportunity to be outside, connect with nature, and put their hands in the earth and experience a healthy sense of accomplishment from plant cultivation. The garden creates an environment where youth can learn the process of how to plant, grow, and maintain a garden with the hope they can share their knowledge with their communities and use it throughout their own lives. The garden will also provide educational components and “life skills” programming (i.e. helping youth learn the importance of following directions, taking responsibility and developing accountability). A growing body of academic research supports the value of trauma-informed therapeutic gardening as a protective support in the lives of children.

 For more information about the Dandelion Project, contact Katherine Belcher, RMCLC Clinical Consultant and Dandelion Project Manager by filling out this form: 

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