Domestic Violence Program

Childhood exposure to domestic violence is detrimental to a child’s health, safety, and well-being. Research also tells us, however, that a strong relationship with a safe, non-violent parent can be critical to helping child victims of domestic violence thrive. Our Domestic Violence Program was built on this foundation. Our teams provide emergency legal advocacy in every civil protection order case filed in Denver County Court that involves parties with mutual children.

Domestic violence is frequently characterized as an issue between parents or caregivers, but children often become the silent victims of this violence. Without our services, a child’s needs, interests, or concerns may be overlooked in the court process. In these cases, our guardian ad litem and social worker teams are often the only ones involved whose sole focus is the child’s best interests. Our one-of-a-kind program is the first step to ensuring that children exposed to domestic violence can feel safe and secure in a home free from violence.

How We Help

In Denver County, when one parent files a civil protection order against another based on allegations of domestic violence, we  are appointed to serve as guardian ad litem, representing the best interests of the parties’ mutual children. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach of attorneys and social workers working together to holistically assess the family situation. These teams conduct investigations, including interviews with parents and children, when age appropriate, to develop recommendations relating to parenting time and decision-making for the children, and to advocate for the children’s best interests throughout the court process. Through this model, we ensure that children’s voices are heard and their needs are met in every case. For our teams, the safety and well-being of the children is paramount.

Our advocacy in the Domestic Violence Program is entirely through appointments made by the Denver County Court. We are unable to accept referrals or requests for assistance outside of the court appointment process.