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A child’s exposure to trauma, through abuse, neglect, poverty or instability, can negatively impact brain development, learning and behavior. School disciplinary policies relying primarily on suspensions, expulsions and police involvement increase the likelihood that kids needing help will drop out and enter the criminal justice system.

Kids who enter the foster care system are often expected to change schools because transportation from their placement to their original school is expensive and time-consuming. When kids in foster care are forced to change schools, they lose important friendships, connections to caring adults, and their educational progress is significantly disrupted.

Trauma-informed practices help students focus better at school, reduce classroom disruptions and keep kids in school.

How We Help

The Children’s Law Center promotes the adoption of policies and practices, both in the legislature and in schools, that:

  • Recognize the impact of trauma on children’s learning and behavior
  • Reduce the incidence of school transfers for children in the child protection system
  • Redirect children facing school disciplinary proceedings away from the school-to-prison pipeline

Regardless of their circumstance, every kid deserves access to a good education. We directly represent kids and their families in establishing appropriate education plans, working through disciplinary issues and helping get students back into school.

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