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Every day for over thirty years, the Children’s Law Center has dedicated itself to advocating for Colorado’s abused, neglected and at-risk children. We are passionate legal and social work professionals with expertise in child welfare law. We have a strong reputation in the legal and child welfare communities and work tirelessly to establish caring, personal relationships with the kids we represent and fight for their best interests.

Every kid deserves an advocate — someone to walk with them through times of crisis and beyond. When it comes to kids, we never quit.

Education Advocacy

The right to a high quality education is for all kids, regardless of their circumstances. We come alongside kids who need someone in their corner to make sure their education rights are being honored.

Caregiver Advocacy

Stable, loving caregivers are essential for kids. We assist grandparents, aunts, uncles and other non-relative caregivers to provide safety and stability for the kids in their care.

Domestic Violence Prevention

Studies show a dramatic correlation between domestic violence and child abuse. In the only program of its kind in the country, we advocate for kids in civil protection order hearings to prevent further trauma.

Advocacy for Young Adults

Youth who have experienced foster care, homelessness, or other trauma face many obstacles as they transition to adulthood. We work to remove barriers by providing assistance on civil legal matters that frequently impact these populations.

Youth Empowerment

Positive change in the child welfare comes not only through the efforts of innovative professionals, but also through the powerful voices of young people who have experienced it firsthand. Through leadership and advocacy training, as allies, we support current and former foster youth actively seeking to improve the foster care system at both the state and national levels.

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The Children’s Law Center staff, especially Kacie Mulhern, is knowledgeable, thorough and perceptive when addressing the best interest of a vulnerable child, but they are also mindful of the feelings and vulnerabilities of the adults involved.

Carolyn Jones - CAP Client

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