Every day, we see real-life heroes making a difference for the children we serve: parents stepping up so that their children are safe and protected, teachers making sure students receive the supports they need in the classroom, relatives or friends taking care of children when their parents can’t, and young people helping their peers in the transition to adulthood. Each one of these heroes motivates us to keep going in our work when things are hard.

April 28th is National Superhero Day. Through the entire month of April, we celebrate all of the heroes in our community!


My hero was my grandmother…

who went back to college in her 50s and ended up earning a Ph.D. in sociology. This was an important reminder that it’s never too late to follow your dreams and helped inspire me to pursue my own advanced degree.

My adult hero is Colleen Abdoulah.

Colleen walked the talk by her active involvement in the Children’s Law Center that led to her adoption of her daughter, one of the children CLC was advocating for!

My hero was my grandma Helen.

She demonstrated love and selflessness better than anyone I have ever known. She helped raise me to be the woman I am today and taught me how to love others.

Firstly, my Mom, LeaAnn for her tenacity, generosity and love.

Secondly, my Sister, Angela for her persistence and strength. Thirdly, my Dad for his generosity and kind soul. Lastly, my Wife, Lindsay, for her strength, courage and friendliness.”

My childhood hero was my father, Bill.

He was a UPS driver for 35 years, working the graveyard shift to provide for my family. My dad instilled a work ethic in me and my sister that set us on a future path that has led us to where we are today. Despite being sore and tired he never missed an opportunity to support me in my athletic and educational goals. He inspired me to overcome my limitations and achieve my potential.

My childhood hero was my grandmother, Alice…

She was always fighting for equality and justice in my hometown. From advocating for equitable housing for people with disabilities to sitting on the school board and helping to desegregate the school district she did such inspiring work.

My father, Bernie.

A man of deep faith and conviction, Bernie was a wonderful Dad who instilled in me values such as hard work, integrity and love. He was a successful small business owner with a strong commitment to his employees, church and community.

My mom, Terri Fordyce.

 She has always been the ultimate problem-solver, who has inspired my commitment to learning and my unrelenting persistence in creatively tackling issues, big and small.

My Grandparents!

They instilled the importance of LOVE leads all, of family first, education, travel, adventure, happiness while always keeping high morals and values!

Miss Costello, my middle school math teacher…

 was one of my absolute favorite teachers. I do not think I would have used the word “hero” in seventh grade, but that is exactly the right word for her. She academically pushed me at a really critical time and in a way that became a turning point in my education. Aside from being an excellent teacher, she was a wonderful human being. I hope that every student we serve gets to learn from their own Miss Costello.

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