Legal Advocacy for Young Adults


The transition to adulthood is a difficult time for all young people as they try to figure out employment, housing, and other important decisions. Young adults who have a history of trauma and very little support face additional barriers and increased challenges in navigating the legal system. The consequences can follow them far into adulthood, stifling positive opportunities along the way.  

Our goal is to provide young people who have experienced homelessness, foster care, or other trauma with the critical support and resources they need to successfully transition into adulthood.  


How It Works

Our services for young adults includes free legal and clinical support to help these young adults navigate the transition to adulthood, including:

  • Obtaining birth certificates and state/other identification documents 
  • Expunging a juvenile record 
  • Securing public assistance/government benefits 
  • Addressing landlord disputes
  • Providing training, consultation and resources for youth and young adults, as well as professionals who work with this population

The legal system is complex and many factors make the transition to adulthood difficult. If you have a legal question or would like more information about how we can help, please complete the form below.

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Young Adult Legal Advocacy Program